Oh Hi there!

I’m  a digital designer based in Edinburgh, with a passion for pixels.

“Fee could have real potential…if she stopped talking so much” 

 – Primary 6 school report, Cuiken Primary School.

I’m a Digital and Motion Graphic Designer with a keen eye for detail a love for grids. I’ve done work for some big guys including Thermo Fisher Scientific, Beckman Coulter, BBC and Edinburgh University. As well as some wee guys, like Distinctly Scotland, Becki Faulkner MUA and The Rising Souls.


I’m the host of a monthly design conversation series called Ladies Wine Design, which was founded by Jessica Walsh, of Sagmeister & Walsh (read more about it here) and frequently volunteer at design conferences such as DIBI and FITC. I’m available for speaking events too, just get in touch!

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