Panch Cocktail Key

Sipping on Margaritas by the pool bar, knocking back a few Tom Collins pre-dinner or savouring a Whiskey Sour at a favourite hang-out… cocktails are all about fun, relaxing and sharing good times. Although when it comes to making great cocktails at home things don’t seem to be so straightforward. With all the kit, techniques, recipes and ingredients required it can be quite daunting to know where to begin. PANCH is here to remove the confusion and help you make great tasting, well balanced cocktails at home.

Calum came to me on recommendation from a friend who developed his branding. He was looking for a punchy, to the point animation to use on social media and as part of his Kickstarter campaign for PANCH. With a clear style and focus in mind, we quickly pulled together his animation and his Kickstarter campaign soared, raising £25, 213.


vimeo video