I Am Enough

A collaborative project for female creatives across the globe

Until very recently, only 3% of Creative Directors were female [1]. Even though women often make up the majority percentage of graduating designers [2], it seems that there is a limit to how far women can thrive in the creative industries. This isn’t to say there aren’t any kick-ass creative ladies paving the way, because there most definitely is, but why is it that men seem to be reaching the peak of their creative careers whilst women are struggling to get the accolades [3] and positions they are more than qualified to hold?

‘I Am Enough’ is a collaborative motion graphics project created to showcase strong female talent in Motion Graphics, Animation, Illustration and Design. Set to Natalie Patterson’s poem ’10 Things Every Female Should Know’ the project aims to connect women across the globe, encouraging them to rise up together and help each other thrive.

The final animation, along with all submissions to the project can he found here.

Get Involved!

You can still get involved with the I Am Enough project. Simply download the Creative Pack, pick a section of the animation and send over your submission to iamenough@feesheal.com. Your piece will be added to the collection on the Vimeo channel.

Any questions or suggestions email me at iamenough@feesheal.com and remember to spread the word by using the hashtag #iamenough on social media.

Who is Natalie Patterson?

Natalie Patterson has claimed the title artist for the past 12 years. She has traveled the country teaching and performing at universities, colleges, and high schools.  Poetry is the lens she sees life through, which supports her work as a teaching artist.  Natalie leaves no topic untouched from inspiration to social justice and everything in between.  She was the first female producer and host of the nation’s largest poetry venue and has worked extensively in non-profit, education and with major brands like Sephora and SoulPancake. Natalie is currently President of Sister Support, a non-profit committed to the advancement of women.  Natalie creates live events for public consumption and is always working on something to encourage deeper thought. Visit Natalie’s site here.

Some Inspiration

Yes Equal

Isabel Urbina Peña began Yes, Equal in 2015 after researching the gender gap in the creative industries. The directory now has over 140,000 members and is growing daily.

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An awesome piece on how to pave your way through the Motion Graphic world as a female.

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